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EVENT: Soup Talk with Simply Souperlicious Meetup!

It's 2020: What's the Dragon You Need to Slay?

Every year, we set both personal and professional resolutions for the year. In kicking off our first meetup together, we want to ask: What's the Dragon You Want to Slay this Year? Let's plan over a nice, comforting bowl of homemade soup.

Date: Thursday, 27 February 2020

Where: Le Serre Coworking Lausanne

Price: Free

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27 February 2020

Carolyn Moncel Discusses Diversity of Thought and Inclusion 

Simply Souperlicious Souper-in-Chief, Carolyn Moncel was thrilled to have the opportunity to guest post at the Be You Network, a Geneva-based website committing to sharing facts and stories that reflect the reality of young women, men and LGBTI youth today. In her guest post, she discusses digital work  and why "Being You" matters in male-dominated spaces. 

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15 January 2020

Soup + Olive Oil Equals a Match Made in Heaven

Simply Souperlicious is very proud to be in collaboration with Amfora Home Olive Oil for our soups! Good food starts with delicious veggies, and what better way is there to add just the right touch of flavor than with virgin olive oil, huh? Simply Souperlicious also uses Amfora's herbs, saffron and honey too! We’re so excited about all the delicious soup we’ll be making together! 


11 December 2019

Simply Souperlicious Unveils New Branding

Happy Thanksgiving!  We at Simply Souperlicious have so much to be thankful for this year! The launch of Simply Souperlicious! And now, our snazzy new logo and brand book. We’re so thankful to Anastasia Athans and her team at Insight Design Solutions for helping us reach the next business milestone!

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27 November 2019

Simply Souperlicious Soups Available at Cafe BioPole in Lausanne

Keen to taste our soups?  Simply Souperlicious soups are now available at Cafe BioPole in Lausanne.  Our vegetarian and vegan soup recipes come to life every Monday through Friday from 11 am until 4 pm.  Come in for a taste and don't forget to leave your feedback with the awesome staff that awaits you!



Taste Soups Now

27 October 2019

Carolyn Moncel Talks Life at 50 and Beyond

Being 50 and Fabulous.  Simply Souperlicous Souper-in-Chief, Carolyn Moncel, had a blast hanging out with Robin Tillotson, host of the new podcast series: "This... I...Do...For...Me: 50, Black and Fabulous!" The series profiles the lives of African-American women 50 and over who are taking on all types of new adventures.

In Episode 1, Carolyn discusses a number of topics including; life and work as an African-American expat and dispels myths about life abroad.  She also talks about life as an author and finally, her new role as Souper-in-Chief at Simply Souperlicious.

Where to Listen: Online

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18 July 2019

Simply Souperlicious at Foodhack Lausanne Meet Up

Simply Souperlicious Souper-in-Chief Carolyn Moncel participated in a "Foodpreneurs Meetup" at Cafe Le Montriond in Lausanne.  The event, hosted by FoodHack Switzerland, provided a great opportunity to share meals, and meet others working locally to build businesses around food innovation. In addition, Carolyn Moncel got a chance to introduce Simply Souperlicious, both through a 30-second pitch and also through serving on the latest soup recipes!

16 July 2019

Carolyn Moncel Talks Soup, Tech and the Future of Digital Media Professions 

Simply Souperlicious Founder + Souper-in-Chief, Carolyn Davenport-Moncel participated in the Caux Forum entitled, “Ethical Leadership in Business” in Switzerland.

Davenport-Moncel joined the panel session, “Rethinking Trust in the Digital Age.” Along with co-panelist, Morgan Gray (left) from Corteva Agriscience and moderator Rainer Gude (center) from Initiatives of Change Switzerland, she discussed the ways in which organizations are working to build and maintain digital trust.  Additionally, she also shared her experiences in working in digital media now and highlighted where careers and responsibilities in digital media may go in the future.


In a separate session devoted to personal stories called “The Human Factor in Technology,” Davenport-Moncel introduced Simply Souperlicious and explained the surprising parallels between technological innovation and soup making.


Where to Listen: Online

Discovering Digital Trust at Caux

29 June 2019

Carolyn Moncel Talks Expat Living and Soups with SwissPats

Too Souperlicious For Ya!  Simply Souperlicious Souper-in-Chief, Carolyn Moncel traveled from Lausanne to Basel to talk expat life and making soup.  On the weekly podcast, with hosts, Don Delco, and Suzi Lyon, Carolyn shared her journey from Chicago to Europe and her experiences on living in both Paris and Lausanne for nearly 17 years combined, and how she’s helping fans rediscover a love for veggies, one soup at a time. 


Where to Listen: Online


5 June 2019
Happy to spend the morning talking about

Carolyn Moncel Introduces Simply Souperlicious at GoodFestival Lausanne

Simply Souperlicious Founder + Souper-in-Chief, Carolyn Davenport-Moncel will present the Simply Souperlicious Initaitve at the GoodFestival Lausanne "Good Brand Summit" on 15 May 2019. The focus of this year's event centers on health, food, poverty, and sustainability.  The event, already in its sixth edition, is the world's largest event devoted to sustainability and innovation. 


Simply Souperlicious, launched on 1 January 2019, is an initiative that encourages people to eat more local, seasonal vegetables via soups.  Davenport-Moncel will be one of 38 speakers introducing concepts at the event and will be featured on the "One Million Sparks": The Future of Innovation campaign.

Visit the website to follow the event live.  Follow activities via social media using #GoodBrandSummit.

15 May 2019