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About Simply Souperlicious

Simply Souperlicious is one family's journey to eating better by making homemade soups!

The Simply Souperlicious internal mantra and tagline is Nourish Yourself.  "Nourish" meaning in definition:

  • providing food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.

  • feeding, sustaining, maintaining, or cultivating. 


So Simply Souperlicious is all about presenting sustainable, homemade soup recipes that not only nourish the body, but also soothe the soul.

Our Mission

  • Introduce fans to new, sustainable vegetables and fruits that can be incorporated into homemade soups recipes - veggies that most people have convinced themselves that they dislike.

  • Remind people that homemade soup preparation can be healthy, tasty, cheap and easy.

  • Encourage fans from around the world to share their homemade soup recipes with others to widen the scope of new soup options.

At Simply Souperlicious, we aim to change your mind about veggies -- one soup at a time.  But, soup discovery, for us, is like a journey. 


So every month, we 're going to:  


1) Remind you of the soups you do like, 

2) Show you some soups you would like;

3) Introduce you to some soups you didn't even know you liked;

4) Create soups that are just for you

Why Soups?

Experts recommend that people consume between five and nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Our belief is most people do want to prepare and consume healthier meals, brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables.  They recognize that so many illnesses or barriers to healthy living are intricately linked to the foods that they are eating – too many highly processed foods and not enough fruits and vegetables.  They want to live longer, healthier lives, and in order to do this, they know that they need to eat in a more organic, farm-to-table manner. 

Our Approach to Cooking


  1. No Wheel Re-Invention: there are no new soups to invent; we're sharing our path to healthy and tasty soups prep.

  2. No Chefs in the Kitchen: just home cooks committed to making healthier soups.

  3. No-Recipe Recipes: while we do provide a list of recipe ingredients, we also embrace a no-recipe approach, that encourages creativity, discovery, and experimentation.

  4. A pot, skillet, blender: every soup only really need these three common utensils and if you have a soup maker, that's great, too!

  5. Soups have a base: herbs, spices, flavors, texture, and techniques is what keeps soup creation interesting.


What We Believe


At Simply Souperlicious, we believe you can re-learn to love veggies and making soups provide a great re-introduction to foods that you didn’t even know that you could love. There are shortcuts to eating better, and committing to eating better gets easier in steps. 

Knowing that there other families of finicky eaters out there who are also willing to take those steps with us makes both the challenge and journey worthwhile. One of the easiest first steps toward adding more vegetables to the diet is by making soups – which is always an available option.