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Fall in love with veggies through soups!

Happy New Year!  Looking for some cozy and delicious soups to warm you up this month? What's in store for 2020!

Our Homemade Soups


Soup really is good for the soul

If you're looking for a few life hacks to accompany your quick and easy soup creations, Souper-in-Chief Carolyn Moncel, has you covered; serving it all up with the unsolicited "mom" advice you know you've always needed to hear.

Start with the local, seasonal vegetables

From "yucky" to "yummy", Simply Souperlicious is one French-American expat family’s journey from veggie haters to soup lovers. Our aim is to change your mind about veggies -- one soup at a time!


We live to discover local + seasonal + sustainable 🌶 🌽 🍅 vegetables and fruits. We focus on preparing fresh, homemade soups out of veggies that people convince themselves they dislike. Although we are a family of "flexitarians", we regularly and happily prepare both vegetarian and vegan soup recipes as options. The result: healthy, tasty, easy, & fast soups. Nourish yourself with these new recipes!

Happy March, Soupers!  #Spring is here —